Cold-Brewed Coffee Experiment

Based loosely off of This America’s Kitchen Feed post.


  • 2c (500g) ground coffee
  • 2L water


  • 2 2L coke bottles
  • narrow funnel for the bottle
  • strainer
  • flat-bottomed paper coffee filters for the strainer
  • measuring cups
  • 24h


Put the coffee in one of the 2L coke bottles. Add cold clean water. It will look disgusting. You need to get the grounds thoroughly wet, as it’s a lot of dry product. I take a couple of minutes to let it get wet, shaking, rolling and otherwise soaking the grounds. Then I let the bottle sit on its side for 24h in the fridge, rotating it a few times just to make sure the raft is thoroughly mixed.

After it’s been brewing for about a day I pour the nasty mix into a measuring cup or pot through the strainer and coffee filter. When the filter gets plugged, mash the last of the liquid through it, being careful not to break the filter. If I wasn’t too careful I have to filter it again and eventually put it into the second coke bottle. This is now your concentrated coffee. I seem to go through 4 or 5 filters before I get the whole 2L out.

Dilute it 1:1 when drinking.

20120616 - I think I screwed up the ratio, I think my original experiment was 1c of coffee to 2L of water. We’ll see on Monday.
20120618 - filtered coffee in the second bottle. got about 1.75L out, which makes sense, there was a LOT of grounds there.
20120630 - used 1c for 2L, brewed for like 4 days because I forgot about it. made about 1.75L still after filtering.

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