Small Regulators

SOT23-5 footprint regulators (switching and linear both) seem to have converged on to a common footprint:

The following regulators conform to this footprint and can be substituted as long as the power dissipation, maximum Vin and current handling capabilities are respected.

Manufacturer Series Type Notes
TI TPS62203 Buck
Diodes, Inc. AP2210 LDO 500mA
Diodes, Inc. AP2202 LDO 180mA
Diodes, Inc. AP2204 LDO 180mA, not sure how different from AP2202)
Micrel MIC5219 LDO 500mA
Micrel MIC5207 LDO 180mA
Exar SPX3819 LDO 500mA
Richtek RT9193 LDO 300mA
Freemont Micro FT533 LDO 400mA, only “A” suffix is pin compatible
On Semi NCP4687 LDO 500mA


The nice blade connectors that Moyer-Diebel uses are just “faston” connectors.

Keystone 1213 is a male part (inserted into a board) with a 0.205” (5.2mm) blade that is 0.032” (.81mm) thick. The 1286 part is slightly thinner (0.02”, 0.5mm) but all the female ends I can find seem to be for the thicker ones.

Something like TE Connectivity 2-521308-2 or 640915-1 works the cable end (crimp). The cable ends can come fully insulated or with only the wire part insulated. I have to see what the dimensions of the “standard” ones from Canadian Tire are.

Molex “Mini-Fit Jr.” series are nice connectors for more density and still decent power handling.

The ratcheting crimp tool is Molex p/n 0638191000 ($350), but the cheap universal tool is p/n 0638111000 ($50). The extractor tool is p/n 0011030044 and is $25.

Anderson Power Poles

Anderson PowerPoles are very nice connectors. Unfortunately they’re not available from DigiKey/Mouser, they’re kind of pricey ($10/set of 10 for the small ones) but they seem to be the battery power connector, used pretty much everywhere. Hell even Benshaw used them for three-phase connections for equipment under test.

Test Points

Keystone makes their 5015, 5016 and 5019 SMT test points. The 5016 is a good general purpose clip that is “human size”, and the 5015 are good small ones for micro hooks. They’re pricey ($0.30 - $0.47 in onesie-twosie) but they’re what you want.

Interface ICs

SMSC (and likely others) have USB hubs like the USB4604 with a High Speed InterConnect (HSIC) port; basically a high speed 2-wire solution instead of the 12+ wire ULPI or intermediate PHY if your uC has a matching port. Freescale has them for sure.


Interesting little motion sensors from SignalQuest. The SQ-MIN-200 “chatters” when moving, just a simple digital I/O is used to interface to them. Similar ones from Sensolute.

Digital Isolators

One of Mike’s Electric Stuff’s videos on the iPod 6 Nano display hacking mentioned these IL600 magnetic isolators from NVE. Apparently they can get up to 100Mbps. It looks like they’re a perfected IsoLoop system from years back.

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