Using Prusa to mill PCBs

atntias from #reprap developed an auto leveller script on thingiverse. The thingiverse page is kind of shitty; basically it probes the z axis in a grid and builds up when the bit touches the copper (modified Z endstop). This gives you a more accurate map of the board you’re about to etch. See youtube. Code on github

He says the bits he gets are 0.1” PCB drill bits from ebay, like these ones. Seems a ten-pack is about $20.

15 degree V-shape carbide flat bottom engraving bits:


  • Type: Flat bottom engraving bits
  • Shape: V-shape
  • Degree: 15°
  • Shank diameter: 3.175mm
  • Cutting edge diameter: 0.1mm
  • Total length: 33mm


It looks like any 1/8” (3.175mm) collet will fit. They’re on ebay.

bits.jpg (40 KB) Andrew Kohlsmith, 04/21/2012 12:47 PM

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